How to Care for Your Roller Skates

Whether to learn to skate like a pro or just to have fun at our open skate hours, owning your own roller skates is a great idea. They can also be a big investment! At Rollhaven, we want you to get the most out of your skate purchase. Check out our tips for roller skate maintenance.roller skates

  • Clean the Inside. Wipe down your skates inside and out every time you take them off, and unlace them before you store them. You don’t want your foot sweat to mildew in the toe! Don’t put your skates near a heater to dry them–leave them to air dry naturally so they don’t get damaged by the heat.
  • Check the Wheels. The wheels should spin freely. If they’re not, check to see if they are dirty, worn, or even chipped or cracked. If they’re dirty, you can simply remove them, clean them off, and put them back on. Make sure that you tighten them securely! Broken or very worn wheels should be replaced–just like on a car, skate wheels that are in bad condition are dangerous.
  • Check the Truck. The “truck” is the metal piece that holds the wheel axles on quad skates. Most skaters will want their trucks to be tight, so check and adjust them if necessary. Even advanced skaters who loosen their truck for more mobility should check to make sure it isn’t too loose.
  • Check the Brakes. If your skates come with an adjustable toe-stop, try changing it around to see what position works best for you. Even if your toe-stop isn’t adjustable it can become loose, so check to make sure it’s secure.  If you use inlines, check the back brake to make sure it isn’t too worn down.

If you come across something you can’t fix, come see us at any of our Rollhaven locations, in Owosso, Flushing, or Grand Blanc. We love to talk roller-skates!

Learn to Skate the Rollhaven Way!

Do you want to take your skating skills to a new level? Do you want to get better at the basics, or have you never touched a roller skate in your life? Skating lessons at all three Rollhaven locations begin in October! Kids skating

Skate lessons at any Rollhaven location are half an hour long (or one hour for speed skating lessons). Your fee not only includes class taught by a qualified instructor and skate or blade rentals, but also admission to the open skate session immediately following your lesson time, giving you a chance to practice what you’ve learned. We offer lessons for all levels, from brand-new beginners to speed skaters.

Beginner lessons are available at all three Rollhaven locations:

  • Grand Blanc – Saturdays from 10:00 to 10:30, beginning October 7th
  • Flushing – Saturdays from 12:30 to 1:00, beginning October 7th
  • Owosso – Tuesdays from 6:00 to 6:30, beginning October 10th

Beginner lessons are $45 for four weeks. We cover the basics of skating including falling, starting and stopping, and going forward.

The Grand Blanc location also offers Intermediate and Speed Skating lessons. Intermediate lessons are Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:00, beginning October 7th. Intermediate classes are $45 for four weeks, and skaters must have approval from an instructor to enroll. Speed Skating is great for people interested in sports like roller derby! Lessons are a full hour on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30, and are $8 per class or $24 for a four class card.

When you’re ready, register online for the location of your choice. Not sure what level lessons are right for you? Give us a call!

The Best Birthday Party Ever!

Even though they’re supposed to be a fun celebration, birthday parties can be stressful for kids–not to mention parents, who do all the planning! If you’re looking for a way to make your child’s next birthday party fun, unique, and as stress-free as possible, look no further than Rollhaven. Our locations in Grand Blanc, Owosso, and Flushing, MI each offer flexible, exciting party packages to fit your needs.

Birthday partiesYou can choose one of our standard packages at any location, but these party packages are anything but basic. All packages include a party table and dedicated Party Coach, pizza, soda, table set up, invitations, and a trip into the Money Machine for the guest of honor.  We also offer glow parties and unlimited parties (only available on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:30 in Grand Blanc and on Saturdays from 6:00 – 9:00 in Owosso), and can even do private parties in the whole facility!

Packages can also include additional activities depending on the location. At our Grand Blanc location, you can select any combination of skating, laser tag, or time in the bounce house. In Owosso, you can choose from skating and Bounce Town, and in Flushing, you get to pick from skating, the bounce zone, and Cannon Blaster. And remember, skate rental is always included with skating birthday parties.

No matter which Rollhaven location you select for your party, you and your guests will have a great time. It’s never too early to start planning a birthday party, so contact us today and let’s pick a date for yours!

Bring the Family for Fun at Rollhaven!

Can the start of school really be just around the corner? It seems like only yesterday that we were getting ready for summer vacation! Here at Rollhaven Skate and Fun Center, we’re celebrating the last weeks of summer with Family Night Out. Spend some time together before kids head back to school in September!gameroom

Every Saturday night is UPS Night at our Owosso and Grand Blanc locations. That means unlimited pizza and soda from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm, plus skating to all the best pop, rock, jams, and country classics. Not only that, but at our Grand Blanc location you can also take advantage of our special Family Rate: $45 admission for 4, including skate rental, unlimited pizza, and unlimited soda. You can even add a trip in our bounce house or a game of laser tag for just $2 per person. Remember, everyone who enters the building will be charged on UPS nights, though non-skating parents pay a discounted rate.

At our Flushing location, join us on Friday nights from 8:00 to 10:00 pm for Family Fun Night! Admission is only $8, with skate rental an additional $4 if needed. And don’t forget to check out the Summer Matinees!

Whether you and your kids are excited about school or feeling a little bummed about the end of summer, spending some time together as a family is a great way to make back to school more fun for everyone. Bring your family to any of our Rollhaven locations and make the last weeks of vacation something to remember!

Have Fun, Get Healthy

You know roller skating is a fun, affordable activity the whole family can enjoy together, but did you know how good for you it is? That’s right–skating is a great form of exercise. Here are some of the health benefits of roller skating.

Roller skating offers an aerobic workout similar to jogging, which means your heart and lungs get plenty of work! Cardio exercise strengthens your respiratory system, giving you more endurance to do things like walking, running after kids, and climbing stairs. It’s also very good for your heart. Increasing your heart rate during exercise makes it more efficient when you’re resting. Plus, roller skating is low-impact (except when you fall, but we offer skating lessons to help with that), which means less wear and tear on your joints. skating for exercise

Roller skating is also good for building strength! Your legs will obviously get a great workout, but so will your core. Muscles in your abdomen, back, and buttocks work to help you keep your balance while skating. Stronger legs and a stronger core means better posture and balance, and can help with back pain!

Your physical health isn’t the only thing that can benefit from roller skating. Staying active helps prevent depression and anxiety, improve mental focus and concentration, and promote better sleep. Plus, roller skating has social aspects that many other forms of exercise don’t–the music, lights, and time with friends and family will help boost your mood!

With so many kids not getting the level of activity recommended by experts, why not bring the whole family down to your closest Rollhaven location for a day of active fun? Check out our Summer Matinee specials for great deals in Owosso, Grand Blanc, and Flushing!

Summer Matinees Rolling into Rollhaven

Are you looking for a fun, safe, family-friendly indoor activity for kids this summer? Look no further–check out Summer Matinees at Rollhaven! These awesome specials will be available at each of our three locations on different days of the week, so you can choose the location, special, and day that works best for your family.

Summer Matinees are available select weekdays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm for $6 admission plus $4 skate rental. Saturday (and Sunday at our Grand Blanc location), the Summer Matinee runs from 1:00 pm to 5:00, with $7.50 admission plus $4 skate rental. Not only that, each location is also offering a Choose Three deal on Summer Matinee days for $13. Check out the details below! family skating fun

  • At our Grand Blanc location, Summer Matinees and Choose Three specials are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday! If you want to Choose Three at this location, you can select from skating, skate rental, ten tokens for the arcade, time in our bounce house, or a game of laser tag.
  • At the Flushing location, Summer Matinees and Choose Three specials are available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Choose Three packages come with your choice of skating, skate rental, ten tokens, time in our bounce house, or the CannonBlaster!
  • At the Owosso location, you can get the Summer Matinee and Choose Three specials on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Choose Three at this location comes with your choice of skating, skate rental, ten tokens, time in Bounce Town, or a combo of soda and popcorn.

There’s no better way to spend a summer day than getting plenty of active fun in the safe, clean environment of a Rollhaven location, and with our Summer Matinee that’s even more affordable! We can’t wait to see you!

Skate into STEM!

Looking for a field trip that’s educational as well as fun? Rollhaven locations in Grand Blanc, Flushing, and Owosso have just the thing! Bring your school to our STEM Field Trips!

Whether you’re planning ahead for next school year or looking for field trips for this summer’s session, our STEM field trips are developed by professional educators nationwide. We offer separate programs suitable for elementary or middle school students with seven lessons for younger students and eight for older students. Each of our exciting, interactive lessons is designed to show students how science, technology, engineering, and math exist in the world around them, even in fun activities like roller skating.

Lessons cover a variety of topics, such as geometry, force and friction, light and color, anatomy (both basic and more advanced), heart health, and physical fitness, sound, music, speed, graphing, and statistics, plus many more. Students will put what they learned to use when they design their own skates, skating rinks, lighting and sound plots, and so much more. Our professional educators are passionate, engaging, and excited to help supplement your work in the classroom. All our lessons meet state standards. Plus, each field trip comes with two hours of roller skating! Skating is a great way for kids to get the exercise they need. Reward students for a job well done and let them put some of their new knowledge into practice on the skate floor.

Don’t let your field trips be lackluster this year. Contact us and let Rollhaven help you put together a fun, interactive, educational experience your students will remember for years!

STEM middle schoolSTEM elementary school

Beat the Heat at Rollhaven!

Summer is upon us! As temperatures climb, come down to Rollhaven Skate Centers in the Flint, MI area for amazing indoor fun. Enjoy active play without the threat of mosquitos, sunburn, and summer storms to spoil your plans! stick figure sweating in the sun

Rollhaven has three great locations, in Grand Blanc Township, Flushing, and Owosso, so you’re never far from one of our family fun centers. We have so many attractions at each. Our Grand Blanc location offers laser tag for ages 5 and up in our spectacular arena. Challenge your family and friends to see which team can score the most points! Private arena rental is also available. Our younger visitors can enjoy our bright, colorful, multi-level bounce house, specially designed just for kids under 54” tall (not available at the Owosso location).

And don’t forget that all three locations have an amazing skate shop and beautifully maintained skating rink! Are you looking to take your roller skating game to the next level? Your own pair of roller skates are a great step, and our staff is well-trained and can help you get the perfect fit. We do adjustments, repairs, and even trade-ins. We also offer bags and all the other gear you’ll need!

Don’t know how to roller skate, or want to learn how to improve your skills? Each of our locations offers classes! Learning something new this summer is a great way to stay involved.

Make sure to follow us Facebook to keep track of all the amazing events going on this summer at Grand Blanc, Flushing, or Owosso

Sports Team Parties at Rollhaven Flushing

The kids on your sports team have worked hard all season long. Now reward them with a team skate party at Rollhaven Flushing! Give team members a chance to celebrate, share memories of the season, and say goodbye to friends in a safe, fun environment. Through May and June, Rollhaven in Flushing has great, affordable party packages for your sports team.

Groups of 10 or more are eligible for party packages on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. Let us handle the setup, clean up, and all the other details; all you and your team need to do is show up and have fun. We have options for any budget and activity level. We can accommodate teams who just want to skate, or teams who want to do it all, including arcade games and pizza. Athletic kids will love to burn off energy on our skate floor, and coaches and parents will love not having to worry about the weather.

We have plenty of room for any size group, including parents and siblings. Our fun interior is a great backdrop for team photos, and we have space for teams to gather for speeches, sharing memories, recognizing volunteers, a trophy ceremony, and maybe even coach gifts. A skate party at Rollhaven is a memory that players will carry just as long as they remember the season. For very large groups or any team that wants the whole space to themselves, we offer private parties as well!

It’s never too early to plan your team’s sports party. Contact us today to start working on yours!

Summer Camp Registration Is Open!

Kids are looking forward to summer vacation with excitement, but parents may be feeling worried. After all, it’s not long into summer break before the weeks begin to drag on and kids start that old familiar chant: “I’m bored!”

Don’t panic. Rollhaven Skate and Fun Center offers Wheely Fun Summer Camps, a great way to keep kids entertained (and off the couch) through the summer. Camp is offered July 10 through August 25th, Monday through Friday. Registration is already underway, so make sure to reserve your spots soon!

There are four weeks of summer camp, each with a different theme:

  • Crazy Carnival (July 10-14)
  • STEM Fun (July 24-28)
  • Tropical Paradise (August 7-11)
  • All Star Sports (August 21-25)

a pair of red roller skates on a table with a chickered table cloth

Camp runs from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm every day, with endless opportunities for fun and active play. Campers will love laser tag, our giant water slide and indoor playground, and of course our skating rink. Activities will be fun for the kids, and we’ll sneak in some educational activities, too. At $135 per camper per week, it’s a price that’s hard to beat! Half days are available as well. The registration fee includes a camp t-shirt, snacks, and drinks. Lunch is available for an additional $3.50 per day, or campers can bring their own lunch.

Summer camp is a great way for kids to have fun and make new friends during the summer, and at Rollhaven’s Wheely Fun Summer Camp they can also stay physically active in a safe, clean, well-supervised environment. Summer camp registration is open now; click here to register your kids. We’ll see you at camp!