The holidays are a blast, between Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s while there’s a lot going on, there’s also a good amount of free time FREE
to fill while everyone is out of school. While we know all kids love a new video game or movie, we’re helping you give them something different and cool (for them and your bank account) by offering FREE SKATES for Christmas!

How does it work?!

When you purchase a pair of skates from us, before Christmas, you’ll receive a free admissions pass to any of our facilities. Yes, you will pay for the skates themselves at the time of purchase, however, with our free admissions card the skates will pay for themselves with the many days and hours of free skating sessions. Why buy skates from us? When you shop with Rollhaven, we choose the right skate for YOU and custom fit your skates. If there are any issues with your new skates, we will make it right. And to top it off, when you go to buy a new pair of skates from us, you can trade in your old ones and put the balance towards a new set.

Is it too late?!

No! It’s close, but you can make it by our Christmas, Dec. 24th deadline. Your skates may not be available for Christmas, but a late present is just as exciting as one under the tree.

Are there any special occasions coming up to use my new skates and my free admissions card?!Calendar

Yes! We have a special holiday calendars available on our Facebook pages for each of our locations.  Be sure to make sure you’re looking at the schedule for your favorite Rollhaven location.

New Year’s Eve at Rollhaven!

We’re going to welcome the New Year with a different party at each Rollhaven location.  Owosso is having a New Year’s Eve Late Skate, Flushing is doing a Family New Year’s Party and Grand Blanc is having a Color Roll Late Skate.  Please check your favorite Rollhaven location for details as each celebration is different times and prices.  We hope to welcome a great new year with you!

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us, or check out our information page for each location. We hope you have a great holiday and a safe and fun New Year’s!

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